Our Ethos

We believe that food is one of life’s true pleasures and everyone deserves to be able to shop, cook and eat in confidence, whatever your tastes or tolerances may be.

We know it all too well – that feeling of disappointment, sitting in a cafe or restaurant, surrounded by great food, only to be handed the ingredients list and find that suddenly, your choice is limited to a measly risotto and gluten-free brownie!

At Honest + Gutsy, we focus on the ingredients you can eat, not what you can’t. Our mission is to make convenient and enabling food so that you can fall back in love with flavoursome free-from cooking! We know that eating well can be a slog – so we make everything from scratch, using fresh, natural ingredients so you don’t have to.

All our dishes are free-from allergens and gut irritants like diary, gluten and refined sugar, and we also make sure we have plenty of nut free and vegan options too. But this certainly does not mean they are free-from flavour!

In the next few months we have some exciting things coming up – more Day Retreats, a packed schedule of cookery classes and pop ups.

So whether you want unique event catering, bespoke cookery classes or to join us on one of our blissful day retreats – please get in touch!