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A steep-ass learning curve…

The idea is the easy bit…Taking the plunge, leaving your stable job and fronting up all of your hard-earned savings – that part is a tad more difficult. But still not as hard as the months and months of double shifts, doing your day job then coming home to try and force your brain to do another couple of hours work, whether it be business plans, website building or recipe testing. It’s tough.

For this reason, I actually felt relieved when I handed in my notice and began the three month count down to when I could get up in the morning and work on my own little business full time. Leaving wasn’t an easy decision to make. After all, I had worked SO hard over the last 8 years to get to where I was; a qualified and specialised solicitor in a great firm, doing really interesting work. And I didn’t hate it, I just knew I needed to give my idea a shot or I would always wonder…

For me, one of the hardest things was having to convince the people you look up to that you are serious about your idea and have made the rational decision to give it a go. You get all manner of responses and not all are “Oh wow, thats great, good luck!”… In fact, most are more like “Really?! You’re brave. Have you thought about this… and this… and this…”

Their concern usually comes from a good place and is borne out of genuine interest and care for you, but it can make it hard to stay positive and enthusiastic about your new venture and all the hard work yet to come.

I sometimes found myself getting annoyed with people constantly confronting me with potential problems and issues, not all of which were helpful or relevant. But I soon learned that it was ok if I didn’t know the answer right now, I would work it out along the way, and that was half the fun!

What’s important, and what gets me through the long days and crappy tasks, is remembering why you’re doing it. For me, it’s about making great tasting healthy food that is accessible to everyone.

With this is mind, I am super proud and excited to announce that we are changing our name, to Honest + Gutsy. These words have come to mean a lot at H+G . Our food is unprocessed, made with honest ingredients and always free from gluten, dairy and refined-sugars.

We are also all about the guts! We have the guts to differentiate ourselves from other “healthy eating” brands and focus our food and message on promoting good gut health.

The website and Facebook page will be changing a little in the coming weeks, and may be offline for a little while – but we will be back bigger and better very soon 🙂

Cat xx

Honest + Gutsy

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