Class Schedule

Tackling Food Waste – An Introduction to Fermentation, Preserving + Pickling  – Next Class : TBC

Have you heard of the health benefits of fermented food and drink? Discover how to make these delicious dishes plus more with the help of pickling expert, Sammy Coxell of The Ugly Duckling, at our evening workshop!

This hands-on class will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the best seasonal ingredients the UK has to offer and you will learn how to get started with fermenting at home, and the best equipment to use.

Everything you make during the day will be made available for you to take home and enjoy. Refreshment, all ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided.

Guilt-Free Sweet Treats Workshop   –  Next Class : TBC

Got a sweet tooth, but trying to avoid too much refined sugar? Yes, us too.

IMG_0106Join us for an evening of baking, unbaking and tasting delicious sweet treats that are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soy!


Plant-centric – Vegan Cooking Class  –  Next Class : 18 April 2018

We think plants rock! And whether you’re a vegan veteran, or just finding your feet as a herbivore, this class will help you to find creative alternatives so that you are not missing the dairy, eggs and meat in your diet.

Plant-based food can still be innovative, delicious and nutritious – wait and see!

Cooking for Gut Happiness and Low-FODMAP Classics   –  Next Class : 25 April 2018

Well, 2017 was definitely the year of the gut and this is set to continue! As society began eating more sugar and processed foods with more refined carbohydrates and higher levels of artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and other additives, our gut health has suffered, with chronic and inflammatory on the rise.

This cooking class covers a ‘day of meals’ and all dishes are low-FODMAP, gluten and dairy free.

Food as Medicine  – Next Class : 2 May 2018

In this class we will look back in time, to traditional, natural remedies and ‘superfoods’, which have now been scientifically proven to treat modern-day ailments.

You will learn how to make healthy meals, snacks and drinks using these superfoods. We will also touch on the mind-gut connection and how we can really improve our overall wellbeing by making some simple changes to our diets and eating habits.

Sexy Salads  –  Next Class : 9 May 2018

This class will take you through a variety of vibrant salads showcasing seasonal  fruits and vegetables paired with pulses, seeds and grains that are tasty, filling and far from boring. foodiesfeed.com_healthy-vegan-salad

You will receive a recipe pack at the end of the day so that you can recreate the dishes at home, and hopefully be inspired to get creative with your next salad!

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